The following applies to all trips booked and organized by GetAway Sea Angling. These terms and conditions and all other information from indicated on the pricelist, for offers, travel plans and other travel documents comprise the basis of the agreement between the client and GetAway Sea Angling ApS, CVR – Central Business Register – no. 36988274.



Trip packages are arranged by GetAway Sea Angling ApS, Copenhagen in cooperation with local tour operators, guides, hotels, airline companies and other operators.



The booking of a trip is a binding agreement for the client, once the client orally or in writing has informed GetAway Sea Angling that they wish to book the trip. The booking is a binding agreement for GetAway Sea Angling once the deposit or a fixed fee is received by the due date stated on the invoice.

By booking a trip the client confirms those terms and conditions and/or those terms and conditions for the trip received by mail and/or email and/or those terms and conditions stated in programs, price lists and/or on

We fully expect that the client will familiarize themselves with the publicly available information on climatic conditions at the selected destination prior to the given time of travel.



When booking a trip – unless otherwise stated on the invoice – a 50% deposit of the total package cost (exclusive of any flight) is due within 14 days to secure the reservation. Full payment for all trips is due 120 days prior to departure and start of trip.

When booking a trip more than 18 months before departure the deposit is 25% of the total package cost (exclusive of any flight).



If flights are not included in the trip package, they will be invoiced separately, unless the client informs GetAway Sea Angling that they want to arrange their own flights. GetAway Sea Angling will invoice the estimated price of the flight ticket, when GetAway Sea Angling finds it appropriate to book the flight. If the cost of the flight is more than 20% higher than the cost estimated by GetAway Sea Angling at the time of booking the trip, GetAway Sea Angling will contact the client to get the client’s acceptance of the increase in price. If the client doesn’t want to accept the increase of flight price (more than 20%), the clients has the right to cancel the trip and receive a full refund, including the deposit.

For any flights bought on behalf of the client by GetAway Sea Angling, the terms and conditions stated by the airline company-/ies apply. GetAway Sea Angling takes no responsibility for flight transports, and is only a facilitator between the airline company and the client.



Full payment for all GetAway Sea Angling trips is due 120 days prior to departure and start of trip, unless otherwise stated on the invoice.



A trip package price includes the services specified for each destination. Allowances for special services may occur.



All taxes and fees are already included in the trip price. However in many countries, airline or tourist taxes will need to be paid in cash on the spot. Individual countries may without or with short notice, amend or introduce new taxes and fees. Customers cannot demand repayment of any costs related to any taxes and fees from GetAway Sea Angling.



Unless otherwise stated, the following applies: For changes more than 90 days before departure, to the extent they can be complied with by GetAway Sea Angling, a handling fee of EUR 100 per person is due. Subsequent changes shall be regarded as cancellation and a new booking. If the desired changes are not possible, GetAway Sea Angling cannot be held responsible to the client for any loss.



Unless otherwise stated, the following applies:

Client’s cancellations later than 12 months before departure is charged 50% of the package trip price exclusive of any flight.

Client’s cancellation’s more than 12 months before departure is charged 25% of the package trip price exclusive of any flight.

Client’s cancellation’s less than 120 days before departure:

No refund.

If a trip package, a hotel reservation or any other service included in the price of the trip is subject to more stringent cancellation conditions, these will be applicable.

Any flight ticket issued at the time of cancellation will not be refunded.

If the full payment of a trip is not received at the latest 14 days after the first reminder from GetAway Sea Angling it shall be regarded as a cancellation of the trip.

GetAway Sea Angling then has the right to cancel the trip from the supplier and/or to sell the trip elsewhere. This causes full loss of the by the client paid deposit (exclusive any paid flight ticket which is the client’s property).



Because many deposits and final payments for trip packages are non-refundable it is highly recommended that the client purchases a trip cancellation insurance in the event that the client has to cancel, postpone or reschedule the trip for any reason.

For more information or for assistance in purchasing trip cancellation insurance, please contact GetAway Sea Angling.

Note: Trip cancellation insurance must be purchased at the time of booking the trip.



The client is solely responsible for covering all costs in case of illness or hospitalization, etc., during the trip. We strongly recommend the client to have valid travel insurance to cover cancellation, medical emergencies and repatriation when travelling with us.

For more information or for assistance in purchasing travel insurance, please contact GetAway Sea Angling.



It is the client’s responsibility to provide a valid passport and any visa and/or vaccination necessary for the completion of the trip. Also, the name in any flight ticket must be identical with the name in the passport. Most often it is not possible to change the name on a flight ticket after booking it, and discrepancies between names in the passport and on the ticket can lead to rejection at flight check-in.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all names are correct and match those in the passport.

Furthermore, it is the client’s responsibility immediately after receipt of travel documents to check that these are in accordance with the ordered, and that first and last names on the tickets and other travel documents are correct and in accordance with each other.

GetAway Sea Angling accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences the submission of inaccurate or incomplete information may lead to.



If a client wishes to let GetAway Sea Angling arrange their flights, they should be aware of the fact that flight tickets, unless otherwise stated, often cannot be changed and/or reimbursed. GetAway Sea Angling is acting only as a facilitator for the involved transport company/-ies, and the transport company/-ies are solely responsible for correct completion of the transport.

GetAway Sea Angling accepts no responsibility for any costs as a result of any non-performance by the transport company/-ies.



The tickets and the itinerary with the specified times is always in local times in each country.

Always check departure times in the sent travel documents. The customer shall contact GetAway Sea Angling immediately, if the times are different from the original booking/confirmation so that GetAway Sea Angling are given the opportunity to correct any errors in due time.



The client will be informed about matters relating to passports, visas and health conditions that must be fulfilled for the trip to take place at the conclusion of the agreement. GetAway Sea Angling’ information applies to travellers with Danish, Swedish or German passport. If a client doesn’t have a Danish, Swedish or German passport, it is the client’s responsibility to obtain this information from his country’s embassy/consulate or similar bodies. GetAway Sea Angling assumes no responsibility for the consequences of the client’s incorrect or missing information.

Note that even transit often requires a visa. In non-EU countries a passport must usually be valid for six months after homecoming.



The transfer of a trip to another person, because of rules, which apply to activities delivered by the GetAway Sea Angling subcontractors, could be deemed not possible. If it is possible to transfer the trip to another person GetAway Sea Angling can do so (for a fee), but would have to be consulted well in advance to be able to resolve the situation.



If the client has not cancelled the trip, and/or if the client doesn’t show at the specified time and place for the outward or return journey, or if the client can’t join or complete the trip due to lack of travel documents, including flight tickets, vouchers, necessary visas, vaccination certificates etc. GetAway Sea Angling would be entitled to claim credit from the client for the total price of the trip.

If the client fails to attend the booked transport, to use activities that are ordered, the client cannot claim compensation for these unused activities.



Any complaints during the trip will have to be conveyed to the relevant airline, hotel, GetAway Sea Angling’ representative or partner on site within a reasonable time after the client has found a possible error, so it is possible to correct the error immediately and with minimal inconvenience to the client. Clients shall have to secure documentation of the complaint, if the error is not corrected promptly and the client may wish to claim compensation from GetAway Sea Angling at a later stage.

A lack of documentation means that the right to compensation at a later date is lost and non-valid. Requirements regarding the error, which could not be resolved locally, must be issued to GetAway Sea Angling within a reasonable time after arriving home.

GetAway Sea Angling accepts no responsibility for any agreements / promises between another travel agent and the client, in the event that part of the trip is bought from a different travel agency other than us.

GetAway Sea Angling accepts no responsibility for changes or delays, as a result of breach of contract, strike, terror, crime, natural disasters, bad weather or issues we have no control over (Act of God). GetAway Sea Angling can under no circumstances be held responsible for completely or partially destroyed, stolen or lost luggage.

GetAway Sea Angling cannot be held responsible, if authorities or any other local body change the fishing regulations after the trip is sold to the client (for example, close fishing for certain species during the time the trip takes place).



GetAway Sea Angling reserves the right to implement necessary changes due to lack of bookings or other causes. A trip with GetAway Sea Angling can be cancelled with 20 days prior notice. If GetAway Sea Angling does not offer an adequate replacement trip to the client’s satisfaction, the client will be refunded the amount paid, but GetAway Sea Angling cannot be responsible for any additional requirements.



GetAway Sea Angling reserves the right, after booking of a trip, to change the price due to changes in transportation costs (e.g. fuel prices, taxes, fees and airport landing or take-off fees), foreign exchange rates, purchase prices and rates used to calculate the cost. In the event of a variation in price, the consumer is notified as soon as possible, and no later than 20 days prior to departure. A price increase of more than 20% of the total price at the time of ordering, entitles the consumer, without further delay, to write to GetAway Sea Angling to cancel the tour and require the entire amount paid back. If cost reduction changes occur after the trip has been booked and confirmed, GetAway Sea Angling is not required to pass on a price reduction.



The participating airlines will not assume responsibility for events that occur at times when clients are not on board their flights. For responsibilities of registered baggage, we refer to the rules of the airline company.



Any claim against GetAway Sea Angling shall be settled in accordance with Danish law. Claims that cannot be settled by Rejse-Ankenævnet (the Danish Travel Appeals Board) must be settled by Sø- og Handelsretten (The Maritime and Commercial High Court / Das See- und Handelsgericht) in Denmark.


Updated April 2, 2016.