Popper fishing in the Maldives is not a new thing. We did it for the first time in 2008. Some did it before, and many more have done it since. Though we followed up with a couple of great group trips – and though we loved the place for its sheer beauty and the impressive variety of species – the destination never really caught on for us. Prices increased to a level that didn’t justify fishing from boats that were either limited in size, speed or both.

Enter Shin Achiwa, a Japanese businessman. After having a long break from fishing he tried popper fishing a couple of years ago and got hooked right away. Later, on a vacation to the Maldives, he fished for a few days and fell in love with the place – and especially with its popper fishing!

Being the kind of guy that doesn’t go for the second best, Shin realized after his first few trips that he had to solve the boating problem. Popping from one of the local dhonis wasn’t optimal. Within a month he had found a suited vessel: A 32 foot speedboat with 400HP.

The next step was starting a sport fishing operation, so he could employ the talented young captain Mohamed full time and take popper fishing in the Maldives to a new level. And the following step – in February 2015 – was upgrading to a newly built 37 foot speedboat.

At GetAway Sea Angling we are proud to be partners for Europe and we can now offer a variety of trips with this dedicated crew; from combined speedboat and dhoni live aboard expeditions to short three day trips for clients staying at resorts with their families. For the hard core popping enthusiast we offer longer tailor made trips to the atoll – and accommodation – of choice.