The great white sturgeon is swimming the waters of the Fraser system throughout the year. We tend to do group trips from late summer (September) to early fall (November) and our guides are so skilled in finding these river monsters that the sturgeon fishing usually swings from good to very, very good.

Out of the hundreds of clients we have had sturgeon fishing with us over the years there hasn’t been a single one leaving Fraser Valley without having landed more than a few sturgeon. Our best week produced a staggering 800 sturgeon for 15 anglers (seven days of fishing) but about half of that figure would be more common on most weeks. In late summer and early fall we do some special sturgeon trips to secluded parts of the upper river. We usually catch less fish per day up there but the average size is way bigger. We fish some special pools where the sturgeon grow bigger and meaner than elsewhere and we caught our biggest fish to date up there; 303 cm – that’s the length of your ten feet long fishing rod!

Salmon run these rivers from August to October and can be caught on lighter tackle for those who need a break from the really big guys. All five species of Pacific salmon is found in the Fraser system but the most common ones to catch during sturgeon season is probably chum salmon followed by king salmon and coho!