Most times when we travel to fish we are in fact trying to go back in time. By traveling to some remote corner of the earth we are hoping to find a healthy sea, teeming with life that hasn’t yet suffered the effects of trawlers and long liners performing their unsustainable harvest on our natural resources. We are hoping to find forgotten or hidden corners of our globe that let us experience what the oceans looked like before humans started to interfere.

The Royal Air Force flight from the Brice Norton airbase in the UK to Ascension Island is the machine that takes you back in time to this hidden gem: A marine sanctuary mainly protected from commercial fishing by this isolated volcanic island’s location in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean – and backed up by a ban on commercial fishing 50 nautical miles around the island. Recently, a marine reserve – the largest in the Atlantic and almost the size of the United Kingdom – has been created restricting the area’s offshore fishery even further.

It is no wonder that Ascension’s waters contain some of the largest marlin in the world, one of the largest populations of green turtles, significant colonies of tropical seabirds and possibly the most abundant fish stocks found anywhere in the world.

Until now, the only sport fishing boat that could sample this amazing fishery was a big game boat trolling for the great blue marlin patrolling the azure waters of Ascension. On occasion, a few enthusiastic light tackle anglers put down the money needed to hire the bigger boat and sampled the popping and jigging the area has to offer. Their results were shocking! Monster yellowfin tunas in mind blowing numbers, wahoo, dorado, amberjack, black trevallies, horse eye jacks – in daily catch numbers that would have made a whole week look great on most other locations.

For years we have dreamt of exchanging the heavy marlin rods with lighter popping and jigging tackle and experience the Shangri-La of light tackle action.

Now, the wait is over. The boat of our dreams has arrived on Ascension. Let’s go!